Monday, June 27, 2011

Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt

Synopsis       If  you didn't know better, a title like that would scream porn, h-content, H-E-N-T-A-I, with a capital H and a Capital I (snicker! That Rhymes!) But fear not, this is not your nerdy older brothers hentai titke stashed neatly in the bottom of his bed, This is but Gainax newest comedic anime. Where Angels Panty and Stocking are lead by the priest Garter belt, to slay ghost for coins to redeem themselves back into heaven. (pause) Okay (sigh) its a little perverted. But let me explain better.....

       Imagine if Powerpuff Girls had a baby with FLCL, on acid. You may just picture the craziness that is PSG. For Years I thought Nothing could in japan could be closer to the adult swim generation of cartoons ( Robot Chicken, Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, etc.) than Fooly Cooly. I was dead wrong. PSG not only carries the same wicked humor of Seth Greens brain child Robot Chicken, at times it even goes one step further in its insanity. I would cup my hands to my mouth often, looking at my girlfriend chuckling "that's so wrong!!!"  It is a series driven on this new breed of American comedy cartoons. And I'm Postive, once in the U.S. it will be a hit with the Adult Swim youth such as myself.

           Funny Story: Gainax animation team was on a business vacation of sorts, and after many a drink and a bit to much goofing PSG was born. Thats right, this entire show was born from a drunk Gainax, let that soak in for a sec. But once you watch the show, this fact becomes quite evident. The writeing is more bizare than FLCL and thats quite a feat. The animtion is almost Craig McCracken meets Rodney Greenblat. And as in FLCL the animation style changes with each homage it makes towards whatever genre or franchise it chooses to spoof next. The Music is killer with a mix of hip-hop and rave beats by multiple talented artists. Gainax proves once again they are the kings of anime comedy, and anime wired.

       Though Funimation has officialy bought PSG there is no Dub as of yet.

If you can't watch anything on the adult swim line, there is no way you could watch PSG without slapping the person next to you. Its humor is that of (as I said before) Robot Chicken, only one step further. I can't begin to stress that this show is NOT for everyone. The Humor is in one word MATURE. Watch a couple nights of Adult Swim, and if your ready, come watch some PSG.

         There is a wonderfuly funny OVA on PSG but since there is no real region 1 release I can't say as to what the DVD will contain.

        Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is Funny, Crude, Epic, Cute, Moe, Immature, and in numbers