Monday, September 26, 2011

Twin Spica (First Manga Review!)

    Japans spaceflight program has been set back for over a decade due to the tragic failed attempt of there first manned space flight: The Lion. Aumi Kamogawa lost her mother during the Lion tragedy and has since then has been visited be a strange ghost named Mr.lion who fosters a love in space in little Aumi. Aumi soon begins to dream of space flight and the greet reaches of the cosmos, and with a little help from her friends the petite Aumi sets off on a journey to rech the final frontier.

     I have said is before and I will say it again, the most romantic seting is outerspace. There is just somthing about it that moves me. And if there is one manga that has moved me, its Twin Spica. From Vol.1 to Vol.8 and probably the last volumes (because I havn't read them yet) have moved me to the core. This may be one of the greatest if not the greatest mnaga I have ever read, and I have read a lot of classics mind you from Tezuka's The Phoenix to Otomo's Akira and I can tell you right here and know Kou Yaginuma (the mangaika and artist) is showing she can capture raw human emotion just as well as the legends on manga. I am not ashamed to say that I have litteral been moved to tears reading this amazing serise and have suggested it to anyone who loves a great manga. Twin Spica with its beautiful art and moving story proves there is such thing as a modern Tezuka.

While I cross my fingers for the anime to hit the west I'll continue to read and love Twin Spica!
5 out of 5

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