Wednesday, August 10, 2011


     It Is 1930 and 1931, random events, random people (unusual but random). But as the wheels turn and time shows not all events are as unconnected as they seem. Some deal with the devil, and others are along for the ride, unknowingly a cog in the clock of immortalty. Baccano follows a group of individuals who have been affected by a stormy night in 1711.

       I Loved this show. This may be one of the most clever and well written anime series I have ever seen. With a terrific cast of characters set in a wonderful take on Depression era New York. This really threw a bone to the history buff in me. But at the same time this is probably one of the most violent and grisly series I've seen to date, going up there with Akira, Rin, and Elfen Lied. The show has been described as complicated but once you get the hang of the shows settings its not really that complicated. This show most surprising quality is that even though being a super violent and dark series, it manages to have some of the most unique and heart warming  characters in anime. This is one of those shows that after watching just sticks with you and never lets go. A must watch for anyone looking for a dark and seedy mystery, fun adventure, or even both.

      The animation is two words: breath taking. No repeating animation, no choppy movements, just fluid clean animation that breaths life into its characters. Studio Brain's Base is the masterminds behind the artistic glow of Baccano, Never heard of them? They are the ones behind such series as Durarara!!, Spice and Wolf II, and Shin Getter Robo (shout out to the old school meca fans!!) The music is just as spectacular with a jazz infused soundtrack and a killer opening song by Paradise Lunch.
Spearheaded By Director Takahiro Omori (of Hell Girl Fame) this series packs a punch in every way.

       J. Michael Tatum and Catlin Glass ARE Issac and Miria, They pull off these characters so flawlessly it makes you think they were made for those roles. I have rarely fallen head over heels in love with such a dynamic duo, at least not since Ed and Al of FMA.  But along side Tatum and Glass is another equally shining voice Bryan Massey, who plays the raving mad Ladd Russo who is so crazy and sadistic you just LOVE to hate him. Bryan's performance puts me in that unique position as a viewer were I know this guy is evil as evil gets and I should loath this guy but his just to wild and crazed to not enjoy him. Its the same problem I have with Batman's Joker. Of course this show has many more great preformances from actors like R. Bruce Elliot as Szilard Quates, Jerry Jewel as Claire Stanfield, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Nice Holystone, Brina Palencia as Enni,and Sean Hennigan as Maiza Avaro.

 The serise as I said before is VERY violent to the point were I was suprised. This is a show that is TV-MA for violence and language. No f-bombs but the mafia pretty much use everyother word in the book. Not for children or the squimish.

     Commentaries with the english crew and cast, Textless songs, and the Funimation Trailers.

     A gem of a anime serise, a must watch for any who love somthing beyond the sterotypical! In numbers: 4.25/5


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