Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hetalia: Axis Powers

       History has taken turn for the crazy as WWII is being fought by stereotypes with quirky anime humor.

       I like history, so going into this series I was sure I would fall in love with its humorous take on WWII. Wrong, so very very wrong. Now don't miss understand me, It's not like I watched one episode and puked a lung, I gave it more than half a season. And slowly but surely I saw something that I can only describe as one word: Mindless. Sure it is taking actual events from history, but what destroys this series is the humor. Its so over the top, so insane, that anything else going on is white noise. Half the time I had to rewind, or ask my girlfriend sitting next to me "what?". Now I have watched crazy shows before, with zany humor and stereotypical anime antics, but they were half an hour long. This is like watching an edited version of Negima!?, with all the serious parts cut so all you have is the random crazy stuff. A show driven only on spontaneous jokes, even if based on facts, won't work. Another problem I have is some of the jokes content. I'm sorry but I really don't find racial jokes that funny, especially not ones that go ON and ON through out a serise. And even though Germany does represent Nazi Germany, the anti-semitic jokes aren't funny. I guess the show would be less funny if some character representing the jewissh people stood up and talked about there suffering under germany. This show's problem now that I think about it, is that its being to light hearted on serise matters. This really happend, this is not a joke, somethings aren't funny even when joked about.
I think war, rascism, and a world in fear is not somthing to be taken lightly even if it only happend 70+ years ago.

       The animation okay, I mean its not supposed to be amazing since the web comic was drawn in a simple design. The opening is the chant like Tunes you find in old school shows, which isn't a bad thing. Studio Deen did a good job in remaing faithful to the origonal work, the serise is almost identical to the comic. The bgm's are forgettable and goofy, so I suggest just buying the character albums and stay away from the origional soundtrack.

      There are such terrific dub actors in this serise, yet looking at the preformances all of them are over the top and seem the same. If someone plays audio of two character from this show and then asks me who vocies who, I would probably say Chris Cason for both of them (by the way, this is a joke)
I felt no unique direction from any of preformance from this serise. The dub felt very bland, which was disapointing since several of my favorite actors preformed in Hetalia.

       Language and as I mentioned before racial sterotypes and rascist remarks. and there is so much of this in fact that its rated TV-MA. So not suggested for the innocent.

        A lot of Commentaries, and Trailers.

        What was a great Idea, turned into a mindless, rascist, and sadly popular serise.
1 3/4 out of 5

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